Property Management Service

As a landlord, your responsibilities during a tenancy can be daunting. It is crucial that your property is well looked after and maintained in order to maximise its market potential and ultimately protect your investment and future tenancy.

Managing a property and dealing with the various issues that arise can be both demanding and time consuming. Coppersun Properties Management Service ensures that all aspects are dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively on your behalf.

In addition to the administrative and practical advantages, full property management can make your investment more attractive, increasing your return and minimising 'void' periods. A well-managed tenancy is more likely to be renewed.

Property Appraisal

An experienced member of our staff will visit the property to evaluate the potential rental income and discuss your specific requirements.


Preparation of your property details for circulation to our extensive list of tenants. Your property will be circulated through our corporate section who liaise regularly with major Blue Chip clients and large local companies.

Tenant Selection

Once a suitable tenant has been found we will arrange all viewings and ensure an experienced member of staff is at hand to accompany the tenant.

Tenant Referencing

Extensive tenant vetting which will include as a minimum : Full Credit History Check Employee/Employer Reference Previous Residence Check

Tenancy Agreement

Following our rigorous vetting procedures and subject to acceptance, we will proceed with preparation of tenancy agreements, serving of Housing Act Notices and exchange of the same. We will countersign Tenancy Agreements on behalf of the tenant upon collection (by us) of the first month's rent and deposit. We will then arrange hand-over of keys.

Rent Collection

We will collect the first month's rent in advance together with a deposit.


Take water, gas & electricity meter readings

To register your interest in becoming a Coppersun Properties landlord, please use our online registration form and we will contact you to arrange your free, no obligation property appraisal and discuss your needs.